Because I’m a sharer of resources and a giver of information, here’s my current list of what I just can’t live without. This is not a paid endorsement. It’s just me and my obsessions, for you.

1. The Best Tote
I’m a mother, a business owner, and a New York City dweller. In other words, I am always ALWAYS schlepping. Hence this tote from L. L. Bean, which is sheer perfection. It wears well, washes in the machine, and looks best emblazoned with a big monogram in orange, hot pink, or silver. Plus it’s camo, which to me is a classic. View product

2. The Perfect Nude Shade
I like to keep my nails short and oval in shape, and no matter the season I usually paint them in some inky hue (burgundy, navy blue, graphite). I’ve tried many a “nude” shade but never found the right one…until now. Chanel’s “Organdi” is my new fave. View product

3. Happy Feet: Gold Birkenstocks
There’s no denying that the years (and YEARS) I spent in super high heels took a toll on my tootsies. Birks to the rescue! In gold, because…sparkle! View product

4. Skin Boost
I’ve taken pretty good care of my skin my entire life, thanks to a mother who was an early adapter to daily sunblock, but once I hit 40 I amped up my routine. That regimen includes this morning serum, which I swear by. View product

5. All Hail The LBD
There’s a reason the little black dress has a three-letter abbreviation known the world over: It’s about the best basic a woman can have in her closet. It’s made at every price point, in a million iterations, and I implore you to find one that fits and flatters YOU. This one, by Nino Brand, is a gem. View product

6. Toasty Trick
It seems my personal thermostat is always off. There’s not much you can do when you’re too hot, but too cold is a category that has a remedy. This super light-weight down jacket (more like a down cardigan), by Uniqlo, is a life saver. I quite literally never leave home without it. View product

7. Red Lips 4-Ever
My love of red lipstick goes WAY back. Even when I’m too lazy to do much of anything, I can always manage to do this. The Art Stick by Bobbi Brown, in Classic Red, is about as easy as it gets. View product

8. Good Scents
I have a couple of fragrances in my rotation, but this Bond perfume, in “Central Park West,” never fails to get some notice. View product

9. Body Love
I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Paris many, many times in my life, and as corny as it sounds it really is one of my favorite places on earth. I discovered the historic Buly shop in the early 80’s and I stop in every time I’m in town. Their body oil, in my favorite scent Scottish Lichen, is now available on-line, no passport required. View product

10. Sweet Treats
I’m not sure when, exactly, I abandoned milk chocolate for dark, but once I did there was no going back. Dark chocolate nonpareils are my go-to, and they even say there are health benefits. Who am I to argue? View product

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