Are the necklaces all the same length?

Yes, the necklaces are all the same length. The bead sizes vary (see next question) but all the necklaces hang approximately 21 inches (about to your navel). To note, each necklace is knotted by hand on cotton cord, so this is not a perfect science—necklaces could vary by a millimeter or two, and, over time, the necklaces will stretch ever so slightly.


How many bead sizes do you offer?

We currently make the beads in three different sizes. The EM Original and EM Endless Summer necklaces are made with 20, 2-inch beads, and weigh 8 oz. The EM Midi (that’s our term for medium) is made with 27, 1 ¼-inch beads and weighs 3.8 oz. The EM Mini (small) is made with 35, 1-inch beads and weighs 2.5 oz.

Faqs Bead Sizes


Can I mix the different sizes?

Hells yes, that’s actually the best way to wear the necklaces. The play on proportion is super chic.


Is there an ideal way to get started?

If you can swing it, buy one of each size in three different colors so that you can mix and match them. If you only want to start with one necklace, we recommend buying one of the EM Original or EM Endless Summer necklaces, because it makes such a great statement OR…start with a two-fer, a Midi and Mini in two different colors, that you wear together or separately.


Where can I get some color combination ideas?

Go to our home page and click on the tab at the top that says Style Inspo, or check out our Instagram page @Eviemarques.


Can I mix the different cord colors? 

Absolutely mix the black cord with the white cord. There are no rules!


Can I double the necklaces around my neck?

Yes, all of the necklaces can be doubled by gently slipping them over your head (the necklaces don’t have clasps). Most customers like the Midi and Mini sizes doubled more than they like the EM Original and the EM Endless Summer doubled (those are the large beads), and we totally get that. What works really well is to do an EM Original or EM Endless Summer worn long, paired with a Midi or Mini that you double.


How do I store the necklace?

Each necklace comes with a cotton, draw string pouch that’s great for storage and perfect for travel.


How do I care for my necklaces?

You don’t need to be careful with the necklaces, but you should use good common sense: Don’t leave them out in the sun for a long period of time, don’t wear them in the pool or the ocean, don’t run over them with your car (a good rule for most things, lol). If your white cord gets a little smudged, gently clean it with a sponge and mild, liquid soap and let it air dry.


How quickly will I receive my necklace order?

When you check out on the site, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your shipping carrier. For most destinations in the United States, USPS takes about 3 or 4 days (add a few days if you’re shipping internationally).

How do I make a return?

If you would like to return or exchange one of the necklaces, please email us at Info@eviemarques.com.  We accept returns and exchanges within 15 days of receipt for anything in original condition. Your account will be credited in full, less original shipping charges and applicable credit card fees.